Nabolo’s particular globish lexicon

Reading this blog (yes you will) you might notice some words or expressions are recurrently used in an incorrect way.

That is for two reasons:

  1. the first one because I’m not writing in english but in globish (so I do whatever I want)
  2. the second reason is that french is my mother tongue and I sometimes like to use it to color my writing (which sounds much nicer than simply saying I am making mistakes)
  3. the third reasons (the surprise one I hadn’t mention above) is that I like to be creative

You’ll find listed below, in this brand new globish lexicon, those special words or expressions you might not understand at first but that you should get familiar with. This page will be completed along, as I’m getting more creative.


The words « sealion », « seal », or even « phoque » stand as the « F-word » in english. I don’t like using the « F-word »: I’ve been taught in India it is extremely vulgar (my friends there replacing it with fruit, foot, etc.). Instead I use « sealion », why ? Because when we first learn the F-word in France, and how to pronounce it, we say something like « füque » (I don’t know if you can pictur ehow it sound but it’s extremely ridiculous). Later on, after being severely humiliated while pronouncing the word incorrectly, we are being taught the F-word should be pronounced the exact same way than the french word « phoque » which means seal, or sealion. « Seal » having several meaning I prefer to use « sealion » myself so that it is clear for everybody here that what I really mean to say is FUCK !!!!
Got it ?


Like the F-word, I don’t like abusing of the word « god » either, since we still don’t know who he, she, or it is for sure. Therefore I prefer to use the word: we all know what it is, we all know it is good and loving, we all know you should suscribe to its newsletter by clicking here.

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